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It’s difficult to know what to do when a family member or a friend is going through a hard time with an illness or an injury. It has long been tradition to bring food to the person experiencing the hardship. But, because of distance and busy schedules, that’s not always possible. That’s where we come in. Let Get Well Meal prepare and deliver a delicious home-style meal that makes their day a little easier and lets them know you care. 

From our customers

“I wanted to share with you the feedback I received from Mr. XXX regarding his meal. He was very pleased with the meal, especially the vegetable lasagna. He said everything was good and that he and his family enjoyed it very much. Thank you for preparing such a great way for us to express our care for our associate during difficult times!”

— Jill

I sent a meal to my three elderly aunts who are out-of-town. They live together and were experiencing a series of medical ailments between the three of them. They were so surprised and delighted with the meal delivery! They decided to save it for Sunday dinner because it was such a nice meal, and they went on and on about how much they enjoyed it. Thank you for helping me treat my aunts from a distance!

— Jessica L.

Get Well Meal Blog

Beyond Chicken Soup - the many options from Get Well Meal

There’s nothing more comforting or practical than getting food when you’re sick. But if you’ve been sick for awhile or are struggling with a chronic illness, you’ve probably been given a lot of the same kinds of thing, and while you’re appreciative of all the thought that went into it, there’s only so much chicken noodle soup and tuna casserole one person can stomach.

At Get Well Meal, we create chef-inspired, gourmet meals that are comforting, nutritious, but not necessarily the norm. We want our meals to make you feel better, but we also want them to excite you and your palate.

Looking Good When You Feel Bad

When you’re not feeling well, it’s easy to spend days at a time in the same sweatpants or old, raggedy t-shirt. But getting yourself dressed, put together and looking good can actually lift your mood and help you recover faster. Plus a little pampering can go a long way. Here are a few tips on how to look good, even when you’re feeling bad:

Losing Your Appetite During Illness

This week, National Public Radio did a story on how chemotherapy patients often lose their appetite. Part of the reason is because the chemo medication gets into the bloodstream, and therefore into saliva, causing foods to taste metallic when chewed and digested. Another reason is because of the nausea and general fatigue that chemotherapy can cause. Yet another way chemotherapy destroys appetite is by killing off rapidly reproducing cells.